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Paymaster Group

  • Our paymaster clients access our international banking relationships
  • Offshore banking within the global top international banks  
  • Fiduciary banking opportunities 
  • Private, sub-accounts and nominee accounts

Our Company


Paymaster Group

Our Company, Paymaster Group, within defined supervision, acts as a neutral third party for domestic and international financial, commission or escrow transactions.  

When offering our Paymaster Services, we are not directly involved within the transactions and act strictly in the capacity of a Paymaster or Escrow Agent, disbursing the funds involved in the transaction according to the agreement of the parties.

Paymaster Group provides assurances that the funds, fees or commissions will be disbursed swiftly, smoothly, and securely according to agreements provided by the parties.

When acting in the capacity of a paymaster, we serve as an independent third party to receive incoming funds into our Accounts (USD) or (Euro) or (Other) and then quickly disburse the funds according to the exact terms of the parties’ agreements.  

Regardless of whether the parties’ are individuals, multinational corporations or agencies, we provide for the trustworthy disbursement of funds derived from major transactions.

When using our services, Paymaster Group will provide the parties’ involved with all of the required information in order to list our firm as the “Paymaster” within their “Fee – Fund Agreements” to provide for the swift and secure distribution of funds and/or fees.  Your information will not be shared with anyone -- ever. 

Our firm also provides associated offshore company formation and offshore bank account services. 

International Services


Our Banking:

United States - Various Banks

Germany - Deutsche Bank AG - Commerzbank AG

Belize - Heritage Bank

Australia - National Australia Bank

Canada - Toronto Dominion Bank

Switzerland - UBS Bank AG

Hong Kong - HSBC Bank

Denmark - Danske Bank

United Kingdom - Barclays Bank

Japan - Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi

Mexico - BBVA Bancomer

Norway - Den Norse Bank

Sweden - Skandkandinaviska Enskilda Banken

Singapore - United Overseas Bank LTD 

Private Placement Program

The program consists of managed transactions whereby the principal investment is fully or substantially secured through structured mechanisms provided by the program’s bank or the program group.

Shelf Corporations - Newly Formed Corporations

We offer formation services for "Newly Formed" Offshore Corporations, Trusts and Foundations. Our packages are the most complete in the industry and can include bank accounts in a variety of regional banks.  Included in the service is the availability of "Shelf Corporations". 

Precious Metal Loans

Obtaining a cash loan that funds the value of your precious metals could not be easier.  All of our precious metal loans are funded for a minimum of 180 days and are structured so that you are able to pay back the principal with interest and have your bullion returned within that time frame.

 Our Precious metal loans also offer the option to simply pay the interest due at the end of the loan and have the loan renewed for an additional 180 day minimum term.  If you can’t pay back the precious metals loan in full at its maturity, you may surrender the bullion as full payment with no further obligation on your part.

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